The 3TO6TEAM is a group of local ambassadors supporting the MLSE Foundation in raising funds to provide 3,000 Regent Park youth with access to after school athletic programming.  Participation in sport contributes to the overall health of the community while providing opportunity for physical, mental and emotional growth.


The Vision...

Our vision is to create a community where every child has the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, sports, regardless of family dynamic, race, gender or economic status.

The Reason...

The Regent Park Athletic Grounds creates a lasting and positive contribution to the Regent Park community which, prior to revitalization was one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada.

The Result!

Successfully opened the Regent Park Athletic Grounds, having raised over $400k for Athletic Programs, allowing hundreds of at-risk youth the opportunity to play on the new Grounds.

There is tremendous work being done in our city in the field of athletic programs for our young people in high risk communities. The 3TO6Team is playing a vital role in this in Regent Park.

Drew Abbott
3To6Team Founder


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